We start the day with hip and shoulder openings in Hatha which have me half crying half laughing.

I know that hips hold a lot of emotion, but I had no idea how much the shoulders hold onto! WOW! Shoulders are known for carrying stress and protect the heart. As it turns out, mine are completely locked. I guess that it has something to do with the aerial work and I really don’t spend enough time in my asana practice to open them. Ouch. I’m really not sure if I’m crying or laughing during shoulders. Luckily hips are slightly more bearable… for me. I hear sobbing and turn to my left. Anna has her head flat on the ground in pigeon and is pretty much drowning in her own tears. And we haven’t even made it to pranayama. Please let’s just skip to breakfast?!

After this intense session I’m so sleepy today I literally cannot keep my eyes open in Anatomy class. Kelly is talking about breathing vs respiration. Its interesting but I just can’t seem to wake up. Not enough oxygen? Apparently not the problem. As it turns out, I breathe like a champion. Must have been all those years of swimming and cycling as well as the good old yoga practice.

Philosophy is nearing and I really want to be in tune for this class. Should I grab a coffee? Of course not! mmmmm what to do? Consult a Guru. 

I tell ours of my sleep ailment and without skipping a beat, he has me testing the flow of oxygen in my nostrils and then laying on my left side to activate my sun. The rest of the class quickly join in and 5 minutes later I feel like I’ve just taken a shot of espresso. I’m good to go! It really makes me wonder how on earth we became so detached from ancestral knowledge. So simple, so effective.

Many of the gestures used in yoga are starting to make sense.

Guru moves on to explain the 5 states of mind:

  1. Kshipta   [ Disturbed ]
  2. Moods   [ Stupefied ]
  3. Vikshipta   [ Distracted / Destructive ]
  4. Ekagra   [ Concentrated ]
  5. Nirvdha   [ Absolutely Concentrated ]

The first three states of mind are the cause of disease, pain and suffering, and the latter being the desired states. I sure as hope I don’t fall in the category of stupefied. Ouch. So many of us are asleep in these repeat behaviour patterns, numbing ourselves with loops of distractions and destructive behaviours.

He also explains the 5 causes of pain:

  1. Avidhya   [ Ignorance ]
  2. Asmita   [ Ego]
  3. Raga   [ Attachment ]
  4. Dwesha   [ Hatred ]
  5. Abhinivesha   [ Self preservation / fear of death ]

Attachment is loud and clear for me, and makes me think of an explanation from the other day that the enlightened see the light in the dark as much as they see the dark in the light. By being able to see the dark in the light, we avoid attachment and just accept things the way they are, without judgement. No being and no thing truly belongs to anyone and we should never desire people, things or situations to conform to our expectations of reality. We need to practice non attachment to let things ebb and flow, and gently steer our boat down the steam – merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

I take myself to Soul Cafe for my break to work on some projects from Momentom. I grab a chai masala and put my headphones in, setting the energetic field to get sh*t done! Only problem is the internet is barely functional. Again. I battle on and get in a groove and end up missing the start of my Astanga class, so I grab another chai masala. And I’m BUZZING!!! Holy! Normally, I wouldn’t even notice having a couple of teas over a couple of hours, but I just can’t stop buzzing. This is insane! What was I doing to my body with that coffee addiction?! My acupuncturist friend, Britt, said I had an overworked adrenal gland and now I understand why. Wow. Just wow.

I make it just in time for meditation and we have a guest tutor from one of the ashrams who has dedicated his life from childhood to Hindi music. This guy was at our opening ceremony and all of the hotel staff have joined us, so we know its an honour to have him in the room. He asks us to sing with him, and of course his song of choice is Hare Krishna. All I can do is laugh. I am in India, after all.

Tomorrow we’re going to row the boat down the stream for reals. They have organised white (or in this case brown) water rafting for us. I duck out for a “late” tea with Mav seeing as he’s leaving for Deli tomorrow, and have to more or less break back into the academy as I missed curfew. I feel like a naughty teenager! Only its only 10pm and I’ve only been drinking tea!

Oh shoot, I just realised I had another tea. I will NEVER sleep tonight!! 


How to wake up 101.

How to wake up 101.