I don’t have scoliosis. Hallelujah! 

This morning I wake at 3:20. A little too early for my liking, so after a lot of tossing and turning I force myself back to sleep and manage to have a sleep in until 6. I head out for some plant watering via my nostrils and am treated to a black tea. A nice little dose of caffeine to get the fire burning for this former coffee addict.

Our haha class is again fantastic. I was introduced to a new spinal twist that accessed underneath the shoulder blade that has been causing me intense pain for a few years now. No physiotherapist has been able to help me so far. This reaffirms my love for yoga and its power to liberate us to heal ourselves. I can breathe into the tension and it starts to melt away. Next up, Pranayama with the guru. We start our session similarly to yesterdays, only today we stay seated and have a slightly different focus. As I gaze into my third eye I can see a cave with a light and then am washed out with intense indigo light that is pulsating. Its so beautiful and the energy feels so pure so I just chill out here for awhile until guru brings us back. As we rub our hands, creating energy, I see two big blue balls of light shining through my eyelids when I bring the palms of my hands to my face. Divine.

We’re all burning through food at the moment with all of the asana practice and are delighted to find omelettes on offer at breakfast. We wash it down with some sweet milky masala chai and appreciate the extra protein.

Next up, Anatomy. We’re talking about the spine and scoliosis. Nelly volunteers herself to the class as she has multiple scoliosis. Kelly strips her down and starts drawing on her spine and talking about the tightness to one side that is the root cause of scoliosis. My hypochondria sets in. The tightness and intense pain I’ve experienced down my right side for years must surely be pulling on my spine! Sh*t! When Nelly sits down, I immediately jump up in front of class and asked to be assessed. Kelly asks the class to check me and I can hear Dee saying I’m way off centre. Heart racing, this is not good. They check my shoulders and hips and look at the muscle. They can see imbalance, but Kelly confirms that there is no curvature of the spine. THANK GOD. I’m very conscious about working out the imbalance though. I think its a combination of the repetitive injuries to my left ankle and the overcompensation with my right side, as well as overuse during aerial training. Of course I am thinking about the classes we teach at Momentom and have started documenting all of the exercises that will balance out the imbalances that our art creates.

During philosophy we learn about the masculine and feminine sides of the body and their relationship with the sun and the moon, and the importance of their union in Hatha Yoga philosophy. I have so much gratitude for our teacher for the way he offers everything he has lived and breathed his entire life to our eager faces. All this talk of sun and moon gives me the urge to run to get my moonstone mala in my 10 minute break so I can wear it to meditation. Making good time after being the only person in Rishikesh running, I find my moonstone and as they try to put it in a bag for me, I suggest I will wear it out of the store. They all stop and stare at me.
“Aren’t you going to cleanse it?” Ahhhh yes I was going to skip this step, but I offer
“You mean in the Ganges, right?”. A man in the corner chimes in,
“Well yes, but this is moonstone, so you should really wait until Monday. But first, you need to soak it overnight in milk.”
“Milk. Seriously?” My fries chimes in;
“He is an astrologist. You should really listen to him. Stones correlate to days in the week. First you need to remove negative energy and then you need to charge it.”

Okay, so I run back to meditation class with my negatively charged moonstone that I’m not allowed to touch and join in a circle of OM. We then all lay down with our heads in the middle of the circle and break into an hour long laughter meditation. My cheeks and stomach muscles are aching from the uncontrollable bursts of laughter encouraged by my classmates giggles. It just goes to show how contagious laughter is. I remind myself to laugh more often. Joy spreads joy, suffering spreads suffering.

After meditation, I have an urge to scale the tree and set up my silks. The tree next to our kitchen is just perfect, so I set up and have a play. When I come down I hear some faint clapping and turn around. The building next door has a sea of tiny faces peering over the balcony at me. My heart melts and I give them a big wave.

Internet is still down so I join everyone for dinner and Vero serenades us with her Ukulele and all feels right in the world.


Breakfast of champions.

Breakfast of champions.