Today, everything changed.

4am I wake up to an army of ants in my bed, marching in single file. Determined to get to an unknown destination near the proximity of my head. Strange. 

I’m wide awake so I head to 5Rhythms and have an insane dance session. I am loading the music from Youtube and the connection is so slow, I end up dancing the first segment of the meditation three times. I wake up from an enlightening Shavasasna and head downstairs to shower. I realise my backside is covered in cake and its smeared onto my back. The birthday face-cake-smashining aftermath from yesterday. Great. Since Vishnu left, they just don’t seem to have been cleaning the place quite as well so they should be.

I get myself clean – shower, coconut oil pulling, clean teeth, scrape tongue then head out for some netti pot action to clear my sinuses. I’m standing there with water streaming out my nose wondering if the gunk we’re flushing out is good or toxic for the plants I seem to be showering with boogers and salt. hmmmmm.

I down myself a ginger, lemon and honey tea and shoot a message to a friend back in Australia who had been asking whether the asana practice had been challenging. My response was something along the lines of – “No, not at all. We haven’t really moved past salut to the sun, but I guess getting all of the correct alignments and how to adjust people has been useful.” Well, I think that friend may have just manifested something wonderful as the whole class ended up as a deep Hatha flow and got into all of those deep, juicy parts and I found myself folded like a pretzel and hovering above the floor. The focus and sensation in the body is the ultimate connection and I feel so lucky to be alive. Then, my second Shavasana for the day. I’m actually glowing after this one, bouncing around with new light in my step and it isn’t even 9am yet. This is what I came here for!

I notice the whiteboard filled with notes from yesterday’s philosophy class that I missed, so I took a quick snap on my camera for later reference, laughing to myself at the one word standing alone in lower case amongst a sea of capital letters that spell out organs. I don’t know whether it was conscious, or subconscious coming from the celibate guru’s hand, but it was definitely noticeable. See attached what board image to see what I’m talking about.

Pranayama. Holy Sh*t. What can I say. Our guru took us through the same breathing sequence as yesterday. Again, and again. We sat, we Ommmed (which ironically is MOO backwards. The abundance of cows think we have it all wrong for sure! Walking on two legs, Mooing backwards. What up, people?) We then lay down for what was my third intense Shavasana of the day and guru did something unworldly to the energy field around each person. Once we came to again, everybody looked different. They were literally radiating. Their colour had changed. I could see space in their bodies, they stood taller and the collective atmosphere had shifted. Anyone would think we are on drugs. I’d had a number of these experiences before and felt it quite humbling to be back there, but it was so powerful to see the transformation before me of those who had experienced it for the very first time. Literally a metamorphosis happening before my eyes. Now we just need to grow some wings and fly out the window.

We all floated downstairs for breakfast feeling positively buzzed. The conversations of the group have fundamentally changed, and small talk is very difficult to stomach. Thank god, whatever that is. I take a moment to think about the food and the journey it has taken before it reaches my plate. Vero, an old soul trapped in a 21 year old Canadian body and I recline as everyone leaves the table and start talking about the cosmos underneath the table. We’re in some kind of time vortex and don’t realise until Dee comes and drags us to Anatomy class. This is where we learn to walk. Man, walking is HARD! So many imbalances in our body come from the feet, our connection to the Earth. We just haven’t figured out the basics yet.

Thursday afternoon we have off for study and reflection for everything we’ve been jamming into our minds. I decide to go for a walk. I want to have a mala made with sandalwood and moonstone, so draw out a design and get walking to see who can do such a thing. I pat the head of a cow that has taken a liking to me on the way. They are so peaceful and there is something so calming about the symbiosis.

I walk past many stores owned by Nepalese. Most of them come here for 3 months of the year. My market friend who sold me a bracelet the day before jumped out and asked if I’ve still been looking at moonstone by any chance. His brother just so happened to have a beautiful mala of a high quality stone with lots of sheen. I fall in love with the stone, but I have my little design with me and decide to keep walking and DISCO! I find a store packed to the rafters with crystals and mala (yes, I am a full blown hippy) and start wandering about looking for someone to help me with my design. The store is disjointed, the staff don’t acknowledge my existence and there seems to be a jackhammer of sorts out the back. For the first time, I can’t fathom buying from this store with its negative energy – especially stone or mala, so I make a quick exit and continue down the road.

Across the street is exactly what I’m looking for! A small, quiet store for custom mala design. Perfecto. I take my shoes off and step in the door, and of course who is taking up the three seats inside – three friends from the academy. Typical! We start designing but they just don’t have the stone I’m after. Everything else is perfect, but something draws me back to my friend down the road. This whole process leaves me feeling ridiculously indecisive and frustrated. Repeat behaviour pattern right there. I guess its a lesson to learn about the heart and the head.

So I step out, and typically there are another four people from the academy. Seriously?! We have some kind of gravitational pull right now. We decide to take dinner at the German bakery for something different as the flavours of breakfast, lunch and dinner all seem to be the same. I grab myself a plate of fresh hommus, olives, roasted eggplant, grilled tofu, wilted spinach and potato. De-fing-licious.

I also clear my outstanding karma bill for the peanut cookie they gave me earlier that day.

Help me reach my goal.


Designing Mala.

Designing Mala.


Our Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner is starting to all taste the same!

Our Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner is starting to all taste the same!