This whole blogging every damn day is getting hard! I missed my first few days so had to do a lot of back tracking and catching up. It feels like I’m always chasing my tail. But here we are, the evening of the 5th day and I’m writing about the 5th day. Sweet as!

It honestly feels as though I’m living a lifetime every day here. My typical day consists of waking up around 5am for my own meditation, tea at 6:45, Hatha Yoga at 7, followed by Pranayama then breakfast. After breakfast we have anatomy, an hour of self guided study then lunch and an hour of rest. The afternoon consists of Yoga Philosophy, Astanga Yoga and Meditation followed by dinner. By the time this is done its 9pm, so I grab myself a tea and get to blogging or head out for a walk. In the case of last night, I unexpectedly ended up on a wild ATM chase on the back of a scooter, dodging cows in the pouring rain wearing white pants with no underwear. Classy. The worst part was, none of the 4 ATMs we visited actually worked, so I am officially out of cash. Lucky they believe in the whole ‘pay it forward’ thing here, so I just owe every man and his dog in town money.

We had a new Philosophy and Pranayama teacher today and he is absolutely brilliant! Vishnu had to leave for business for a large part of our course, which is quite disrupting to the energy balance here, but I think it’s a blessing in disguise. I’ve actually learnt more in one day from this teacher than the past few collectively with Vishnu. I guess everything happens for a reason.

Meditation was a delightful revisit of OSHO, which I spent a lot of time practicing in Nicaragua. Our meditation teacher advised to learn so we can teach to others, but only practice one religiously – whichever one gets you there. That’s all that matters. So far, OSHO takes the cake. Physical movement is so important for me to connect to prana, I guess that’s why circus has been so big for me too.

I’m starting to love the routine and can’t wait for it to start all over again tomorrow.