Paying it forward. Third time’s a charm.

Again, today I start my day with 5 Rhythms dance meditation and I feel amazing. The energy it creates helps me deal with the severe pounding in my head caused by the caffeine withdrawal. Instead of the coffee, I drink 2 bottles of fresh water and my body is thanking me for it.

Being the token Aussie in the crew, I find myself being called on to help in any situation of the creepy crawly. Last night I saved a couple of girls from what was described as a monster beast of an insect in their bathroom. I came busting in with a glass and piece of paper to carry out my duties, only to discover a harmless cicada. I threw the cup aside, picked up the poor little guy and let him go. As I walked back in explaining how harmless they are and really nothing to worry about, the girls start screaming again and pointing behind me. The poor little guy had adopted me as his mum and flown straight back onto my backside and was eagerly climbing it! In the end I managed to get my point across that this guy was okay, and had him safely outside the room and my backside bug-free.

This mornings Aussie to the rescue was not quite so harmless. After something small and black was spotted in one of the girls yoga mats she had just carried up from her room, I jumped in to discover a big black scorpion coiled inside. I grabbed the bag and took it outside as some of the yoga school staff ascended the stairs. Curious as to what the commotion was, they came over to find out and just about sh*t their pants when they realised and started fighting over who would have to deal with it… way to keep your students calm, guys! After living in Nicaragua for close to 10 months, the sight of one of these guys provokes nothing in me. I’m starting to think that just a little bit of fear might be good for my long term survival?

After the scorpion incident, I go to check on Vera, a Canadian girl with a heart of gold that I had shared a long deep conversation on the Ganges with. She had been quite ill for two days and no-one had checked in on her today. She eventually answered the door and said she was feeling better but had only been living off bananas for the past two days so I arranged to have some tea, honey and fruit be delivered to her room. Two good deeds done. Paying it forward!

Now onto the third. This one left me feeling pretty powerful.

I could see that Dee had some tendencies to hold onto control and had been sitting on some fear around letting go. We had been asked to do some partner stretching in our Hatha Yoga class, and this exercise brought it all up. She just did not want a bar of it. I had seen this in acroyoga before. It’s all about trust and communication, so I applied a few techniques, pushing her to examine that emotion that was stopping her from wanting to participate and that’s when she crumbled. Breakdown time. Having been around many of these moments before, I was so happy for her and stoked to have pushed it out of her, but on later reflection I doubted myself and thought she might not have been ready yet and I might be dealing with one pissed off roomie. When I saw her next I gave her a big hug and apologised, but she looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘no, THANK YOU.’ They were powerful words and reaffirmed that I’m on the right path.

Today happened to be the god Ganesh’s birthday and symbolises the removal of obstacles, so Dee went to the market and bought herself a little broke statue to commemorate the removal of her obstacle today. We find a little home for him on top of an electrical box in our room and I decorate it with my flowers from opening ceremony.