There is always dark in the light, and light in the dark. The enlightened can see light and dark in all situations.

Today I woke to the first alarm in a good year or two. I would have relied on waking up naturally, but Dee decided to set one for us and that’s how we awoke. We had a 6am start which involved a communal meditation and OM chanting session, followed by cleaning out our sinuses with a netti pot. I hadn’t used one of these things since I had my accident and was passing crazy amounts of blood clots, so I was a little intimidated. Regardless, I soldiered on thankfully and nothing but clear liquid came out, and man it felt good! Cleaning your sinuses like this makes you so in tune with the sounds and smells around you, instantly making you feel more connected to nature and the surrounding environment. I look forward to starting each day this way and topping it off with a detoxing ginger and lemon tea.

We move on to classes of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Philosophy, Anatomy, Ashtanga and meditation. We have a couple of hours break in the middle of the day fro self study, so I take the opportunity to grab a massage at the Ayurvedic studio next door and spend the next 90 minutes in HEAVEN. I’ve just been in Thailand being spoilt with Thai Massage, but this thing was next level! I will definitely have to make a second visit before the month is up.