Tuesday. The day that wasn’t.

Come Wednesday, legitimately 50% of the class cannot remember Tuesday. I have even written double dates for the 20th in my journal. What I remember of Tuesday:

  • 5 rhythms trance dance
  • Teaching my first Hatha class
  • Seeing rainbows in Pranayama and being grateful for a guru to teach everything he learnt as a child to a random bunch of misfits in a small town of India.
  • Debating the merit of coming to India to be close to the source of Yoga and eliminate third party interpretation of scriptures, vs. maximising learning through a cohesive teaching methodology from my own world. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of both and either path is merely a stepping stone. I desire to come back to India and live and breathe the teachings for a deeper understanding.
  • Reading the applications for my next adventure, the Circus Bus. The calibre of talent on that trip will be out of this world. Our artists include people from Canada, USA, Chile, New Zealand and include yogis, dancers, jugglers, roller bolas, fire artists, aerialists, musicians, gymnasts, slack liners, tight ropers, trapeze artists and hula hoopers just to name a few. The tour starts in Reno, Nevada and travels through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and ends in Nicaragua. We will be stopping to teach workshops and perform at community centres, venues and transformational festivals before going on a performance tour in Nicaragua. Very excited about this one! http://momentomcollective.com