The ants go marching one by one. Hurrah. Hurrah. OUCH!

Coming down from my cacao high last night has left me so lethargic. After struggling through philosophy, I crash in my bed for a power nap. I’m not there one minute before I feel that my skin is crawling. I AM COVERED IN ANTS! And the little guys are biting!! Ouchie!

I grab my sheets and take them downstairs to wash and dread seeing the state of the replacements they give me. Dee has just tried making her bed with three different sets of oddly stained white sheets. We choose the least offensive and return the others. I see the hotel staff inspecting them, sizing up whether they really are dirty or not. We look at each other and give a knowing “everything is going to be just fine” OM.

Eh, what can you do?

I haven’t been able to eat much because of the no spice and no rice diet, so I head up the road to Pyramid Cafe and grab myself some Soy Chunks and Kombucha. Straight up protein and cultures. I can feel literally feel the Kombucha dancing in my throat.

Still low on energy, I take it easy in Astanga. The teacher can tell something is up and keeps giving me strange glances. I’m usually bouncing around my mat but today I’m moping around in pigeon pose stretching out that problematic right hip. In meditation all I can see is Turmeric yellow as we work through the Solar Plexus. Or maybe its the daily Ayurvedic concoction the doctor ordered.

I have an appointment tonight for a piercing. Its at Dude tattoo studio, where Vero has been stick and poking everyone in our class. Vincent has also come for a piercing. The piercer only comes in once a week. There is another girl there to pierce her Naval. We all cram into the tiny studio and wait. He’s running really late and I’m starting to lose patience. Finally he turns up, and Naval girl go first. The piercing man is overweight, dripping in jewellery and is coughing between drags of a cigarette. Hm. He’s partially missing a finger. Interesting. Naval girl is lying down and he has lined up the clamp on her stomach, needle in hand and the power cuts out. Just like that, we are thrown into darkness. Someone pulls out an iPhone and with the torch, they just carry on. The tiny studio is a sauna with no fans running and I feel sick in the space. I look at Vincent and he is all smiles. Well, he’s one happy camper, but I am OUT OF HERE. As Naval girl picks up her things, she walks up to me and whispers in my ear “make sure he wears gloves when he pierces you”.

EW. I’m so done.