They say that Tumeric opens your Pineal Glad which is linked with the Third Eye. I can’t remember the last time I dreamt, but last night I dreamt all of the things. My Ayurvedic concoction is a keeper.

I let the kitchen staff know about my diet changes this morning. They give me a Tulsi tea instead of ginger and i douse it in honey for energy in our asana practice. They let me know they will prepare something different for my meals. I’m grateful they are so accommodating.

Our Hatha teacher is n/a today and we have a replacement. Aside from the fact I can’t hear a word he says, I enjoy his different style of sequencing. I love feeling the energy from different teachers and I feel that flow is an art form. Its so expressive. I definitely could have gone deeper into this flow, but the class we’re pretty sleepy this morning so many of them were taking time out to rest and the teacher had to adjust to accommodate.

Pranayama was again, very cleansing. At the end of class I approach the guru to ask him about a cleansing practice the Ayurvedic doctor recommended. He asks me to sit and I can see he is sensing my energy as he closes his eyes and ‘mmmmm’ s. He opens his eyes, looking at my scar on my left ankle from my motorbike accident in Nicaragua. “how old is that?” I start explaining that, and the other bike accident, my bicycle incident, the barbed wire on the volcano scar, amongst others. “All on your left side. Your moon is out of balance. You’re always keeping up with the boys aren’t you? You need to balance your feminine energy. Once you do, you will stop having accidents.” So interesting. Next he moves onto my question, which is an extremely long word written in my notebook that I cannot pronounce. “You want this? Hmmm!” I explain that it was the doctors order and he advises he will do it. It will take 3-4 hours and he will prepare the food that is required. I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself in for. He would like to do it in a week or two and will invite the rest of the class to join if they are interested.

He then tells me I should avoid honey. Damn.

I head down to breakfast and Raj greets me with a huge smile and a pot of food especially for me. He remembered – excellent!! I sit down and open the lid….rice. I forgot to tell him I can’t eat rice, damnit! Lucky for me there is fresh fruit and oatmeal, so I eat that instead and offer my turmeric rice around the table. Embarrassed, I let him know and pray for him to remember at lunch.

I After my talk with the guru I decide its time to charge that damn moonstone and start channelling some feminine energy. I have an hour break so I run down to the Ganges outside Mav’s place. I remember there is a platform that extends out into the Ganges and is below a beautiful tree. I set an intention around letting go of old and channelling of new energies. Once I’m done I run back and am just in time for Philosophy and Yoga Therapy. These classes are unreal. This is our first Yoga Therapy class and we learn about Acupressure. I think I’m going to love this class!

Lunch. I’m handed a pot of plain beans and fresh chapatti. Thank you Raj!

I spend my break at Soul Cafe trying to get through some more emails. I’m helping to organise a bus tour from Nevada to Nicaragua filled with circus artists with Momentom Collective, so the work is more fun than a chore. Apart from the limited internet, which is the bane of my existence at the moment. While I’m at the cafe, Dee messages me. There is a MONKEY inside our room. Woah! As usual, I’m running late anyway so I run back to make sure she is okay and to get to Astanga.

I learn that there were two monkeys in the Astanga room before I arrived there too. So weird.

Fortunately the humans won and all three monkeys retreated, but I get the feeling this is just the beginning of the monkey battle.

I topped the day off with an out of this world meditation. I’m going to thank the moonstone for that one. Time to reflect and get myself some turmeric love.

Help me reach my Not so Dirty Thirty Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh goal.