I sit here staring at my blank screen. Where do I start? At this point I always curse myself for not writing more often.

The foundations of this story include a house on a hill in a place called Paradise Bay in sunny Nicaragua. What happened to that house over the months of January – May 2017 was a sizable tsunami surfed by a collective of movement artists.

“Energy moves in waves.
Waves move in patterns.
Patterns move in rhythms.
A human being is just that
energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
A dance.”

– Gabrielle Roth

In the space of 5 months, 150 artists called the little house on the hill home. They came to sharpen their minds, train their bodies, explore their edges and to emerge the best shiny version of themselves. The collective called it an Artist Residency and opened their doors by application. They set the schedule and then let the magic unfold. And magic it was.

Witches, gypsies, aerialists, doctors, acrobats, yogis, engineers, authors, painters, gymnasts, clowns, street performers, capoerists, breakdances, biologists, nurses, hoopers, musicians, social workers, ballerinas, models, unicyclists, acroyogis and the like converged, shed the layers and stood side by side in the creation of a schedule of classes unique to each week, each moment. They also co-created artistic performance pieces, and encourage new artists and teachers to emerge.

It was a social experiment that produced the most miraculous results. Residents spirits were set free and had to be seen to be believed.

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Still don’t believe me?

“My experience with Momentom Collective was a refreshing rendition of what its like to run away with a contemporary circus. This family is all about connecting the dots and merging together to train hard, share skills, build bonds, and grow roots. The team focuses on conscious living, mindfulness, and awakening the playful spirit. These yogis, aerialists, magicians, and fire artists (the list goes on) will inspire creative thought, tickle the soul, and enchant the heart. Discover that dreams really do come true through all the love and laughter this amazing group of people has to offer.”

– Sincere Leigh, 2016


 “Momemtom Collective is not just a residency to enjoy Yoga Meditation and Circus class, it’s a new way of life! Exploring your artistic side and grow from that experience! It is the best non judgmental experience I’ve seen so far”

– Francois, 2017

 ” A supportive creative collective that gives momentom to living your aspirations and dreams.”

– Leila Magnolia, 2017


“With only 3 days at the collective, I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the end of it I was crying and didn’t want to leave. I learned a mass amount about the community, yoga, meditation, circus arts, and much much more. This place inspired me to find the right circus community in my home. Momentum collective will continue to inspire me and I appreciate everyday the 3 days I spent with these beautiful and empowering souls. Thank you guys for your love!!!!”

– Leah, 2017



“As an older and non-circus resident, this was a memorable adventure that carried me back to my youth and got me dreaming again. My two-week stay was lived surrounded by young energetic adults in simplicity and in tune with nature. Everyday was an adventure as every day we experienced new meditations, yoga and circus skills from very talented and unique artists from around the world. They were encouraging in my trying new skills with a respect for my limits. It was amazing to see these artists perform knowing that no matter how easy they made it look, many hours of practice and sometimes injuries came with it. The love and passion for their art could be felt and seen. Travellers came and went and were happy to share their travels, their talents and upcoming adventures. There was free time where some rested, other practiced their new skills, other walked down to town for shopping or to the beach for a swim. Some of the more adventurous left for a day or two of excursion or surfing. Preparing and sharing healthy vegetarian meals together was another welcomed adventure in itself; especially at dinner time where we shared what we were grateful for and one thing that made us unique. Having the creators/owners on-site made it more personal and family-like. The respect for rest at the end of the day gave balance to an early rise and active day. It was for me a time to rest, surpass some of my limits, enjoy a new way of being and have fun. Thank you to all that crossed my path for sharing this time with me and making it a memorable adventure holiday. Namaste”  -Joanne, 2017



“There is something magical about Momentom Collective. It brings the most inspiring, talented, weird and wonderful people all together to share their passions and help each other grow. Travelling and living with the Momentom Collective has quite literally transformed my life. They gave me space and support to grow and opportunities to push my belief of what I was able to achieve. I’ve come out of this experience so incredibly comfortable in my own shoes, proud and in love with who I have grown to be and inspired to to continue teaching and performing around the world. I can’t wait until I play and work with Momentom Collective again. <3 <3 <3 ”

– Evelyn, 2017


“Momentom Collective provides the space, support and knowledge for artists to flourish into their true selves. The residency offers the opportunity to learn new skills while sharing your own and the community style of living is an amazing way to make connections that will last a lifetime. Much love for all those involved in the project.”

– Shannon, 2017