For as long as I can remember, I had dreamt of the Himalayas. The mountains were calling. 

I could Shhh… them all I liked, but they just wouldn’t shut up.

18 months ago I finally decided it was time to listen. I would turn a big dirty thirty the following year, and I may as well tick it off the bucket list. I started to manifest a trip to Nepal. To hike, breathe mountain air, volunteer on a housing project close to my heart, and to cross over to India and live the ashram life. One day I awoke to set the wheels in motion, and to my horror, I discovered that instead of manifesting a trip to Nepal, I had manifested a devastating earthquake, wiping out half the country. Literally within hours of my logging on to book flights. Sh*t.

Well obviously I had nothing to do with the earthquake and there is so much ego in in that statement it makes me sick to type it, but the timing of this incredibly unfortunate incident was impeccable for suggesting that I was NOT going to Nepal that year. So I decided to listen to the Universe and see what it had to say to me. I was in the middle of Saturn Return (why did no-one ever warn me?!) and the path I was on was not serving me. Yes, it was time to tune in and listen.

Introducing Nicaragua.

Of all places, I had a calling to a particular Ecological Community perched on the side of a volcano on a lake in the middle of a shark filled lake in the middle of Central America. I’m fairly well travelled with 30 or so countries under my belt, but Nicaragua? I’m horrified to say I had never even heard of it! A near death experience that had me out cold for longer than I desire to know and a month dosed up on pain killers in bed, followed by a trip to Burning Man in the middle of the Nevada dessert before landing in the volcanic Nicaragua was the recipe for rebirth and is where some magical manifestations started to happen. Stories of which are for another time. The most interesting of these experiences was not only joining, but starting a Circus in Nicaragua. All of the elements appeared and aligned as I so much as thought of them. The time also always seemed to be 11:11. Hmm… it would seem that I was on the right path.

Exactly one year since leaving Sydney, I again experienced a strong calling to the mountains – this time, straight to Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the World. Without skipping a beat, and knowing only great things would come of it, I jumped on the opportunity to tick this biggie off my pre-30 bucket list and to complete my Yoga Teacher Training.

With the big thirty around the corner and no idea where I would actually be when it came around, I started a funding campaign for my friends and family for the money that would otherwise be spent on a birthday present to help me achieve my goal. My ‘Not so Dirty Thirty’. This way, they wouldn’t have to scratch their heads thinking about what on earth to get someone who is essentially homeless and in an unknown destination, nor waste money on unnecessary things that I simply don’t need. Even better, in return, I could host them a class when I am a qualified yoga teacher. The gift that keeps on giving!

So far, the support has been overwhelming.


To keep ya’ll in the loop of this transformational experience, I decided to maintain a regular account of things. A blog of the month of Yoga Teacher Training by the Ganges in Rishikesh, India.