Once upon a time, a man built his empire on a mountain overlooking the expanse of one of the most inspiring lakes in the world. Lago de Atitlan is with the legend to be more than 300m deep and is the largest fresh water reserve in Central America. Within days of completing his castillo, it was brought to ruins by a devistating Earthquake. Days later, the man drowned in the vast body of water below his crumbled creation.

The country soon fell into an expansive period civil war that lasted 30 years. Guerillas in the area took refuge in the castle ruins with some of the best views of the lakeside. The lade was eventually acquired by German Artists inspired by the history and epic location. They began building their own version of an empire – a three story castle inspired by Spanish artist Antonio Gaudi. As time passed, the artists prioritized their time to their public gallery in town. Eventually they passed on the land and incomplete castle to their son, who’s vision lied in community. He opened the castle doors, and the legend of the Cosmic Pirates was born.

Cosmic Pirates

The Cosmic Circus encountered the Pirates in a convergence of tribes on the shores of lago de Atitlan for the festivities that come with the new year. The circus had ventured to the lake on a 50 year old bus affectionately known as Carmel from Reno, Nevada USA. The lakes winding roads proved too much for Carmel, the brakes failed and they crashed into the mountain. Miraculously, Carmel and all of the artists survived the accident and they continued the venture very cautiously down the hill, escorted by officials. As a by product of the incident, the engine burst into flames, once again bringing them to a halt. Eventually she was towed down the mountain behind a large truck and left with a local mechanic over the New Year festivities. The troop of circus artists continued to the lake and had green eyes for the bus they would soon learn was property of the Cosmic Pirates. They also soon learned that the pirates ventured down from a castle ruin to run an organic kitchen that would serve unbelievable wood-fire pizzas straight out of the chaos of a kitchen run by lost men.

That kitchen saw ah hoc creations over song, dance and countertop knife fights. For four days they produced the culinary desires of the people on either side of the counter. Somehow it worked.

After the festivities, the circus moved to the lake to relax before Carmel would be ready to depart the area. The repair to Carmel blew out and for three weeks the circus was stalled. All but one butterflies made a decision to leave Carmel and fly out on their own adventure. Curiosity got the better of this cat, and she soon found herself in a real-life fairy tale, dancing with lost souls under the full moon on a makeshift platform at the base of a ruined castle overlooking the glistening lake water with a volcano erupting in the distance. Without a place to be in the world, she was free to explore, climb trees, dance in silk, connect with the lost souls and to laugh at the totality of the situation.

Was this real life? 

That she will never know, for the last time she was in this place was in a journey orchestrated by a Shaman on top of a volcano on an infinity-shaped island amidst waters home to bull sharks in the Nicaraguan jungle just one year earlier. She never believed that place was real, its existence was in the realm of the subconscious. Now, it was here before her. There was no Shaman’s drum. She manifested the reality from her dreams.

Cosmic Pirates

This empire was not without its flaws, however. The lone cat discovered that she would only find her place in this mad empire by holding onto her own energy. For so long, the Universe had sent her messages to let go. Let go. Let go. But when you let go of too much, there is nothing remaining to project. To influence her own morals and delights into not only her own reality, but that of those around her, she had to hold on. Hold onto morals, values and justice. She had to abide by her own practices and guiding principles that would bring unity of her soul into her physical body. Once this was mastered, the flaws would melt away.

Knowing she had a rough road ahead, she said hasta luego. Goodbye for now. In the meantime she had some fires to put out. She had to fight for what was hers, and take control of her projection. This way, the empire could finally come be victorious.