Ciao, I’m Therese. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I am a multidisciplinary designer, nomad, aerialist and yogini brewed up in Sydney, Australia. I like the colour yellow, eating peanut butter straight outta the jar and riding bicycles. Oh, and flying. I guess that’s why I’m obsessed with aerials.

In 2015, I packed up my so called corporate “life” in Sydney and headed for the hills, or in this case volcanoes, and started quite the adventure, listening to and giving in to synchronicity.

Well, let’s just say the Universe had quite the wild ride mapped out for me!


No, it wasn’t always like this. It takes something big to shake you hard enough to wake you up to the dream. But once you’re awake, it’s hard to fall back asleep.

You were born an original. Whatever you do, don’t die a copy.